Monique Alexander Fucking Her Black Boyfriend at Phone Sex Job!

by Brazzers

When Monique Alexander is working the early shift at the 1-800-Phone-Sex office, her boyfriend Isiah shows up when she’s deep in dirty talking to client. Isiah’s been jealous about her job for so long, but today Monique Alexander’s going to teach him how hot sharing can be… especially when her tight ass is involved.

Monique Alexander Sucks and Fucks Her Mental Patient!

by Brazzers

When young, horny college student Markus walks into Dr. Monique Alexander’s office for the very first time, he has no idea what to expect from an hour long therapy session. After a particularly revealing inkblot test, Dr. Monique Alexander believes that Markus would benefit from some “immersive therapy” – in her experience, a tight, juicy pussy can do wonders for a young man’s psychological well-being!